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  • The Longwood Public Library exists to provide all segments of the population within the geographic boundaries of Longwood Central School District with effective free public library services.
  • The Library shall extend its services to all geographic areas and age levels giving due regard to the variety of individual interests represented in the community.
  • Library services shall be rendered on a strictly impartial basis to all individuals and groups in the community.
  • It shall be the library’s goal to offer the widest range of services consistent with its economic support in order to provide significant community informational, educational and cultural resources.

Circulation Rules       Confidentiality of Library Records    
Public Behavior Rules and Regulations       Direct Access Policy    
Cell Phone Policy       Safe Child Policy    
Bulletin Board Policy       Tutoring Policy    
Food and Drink Policy       Pet Policy    
Material Selection Policy       Access to Records Policy & Application    
Smoking Policy       Permission for Photographs Policy    
Types of Library Cards       Designated Spaces    
Computer Use & Internet Policies       Regulations for Public Use of the Library Meeting Rooms