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Safe Child Policy

Longwood Public Library welcomes all children and their families to use its facilities, resources, and services.  Responsibility for children using the library rests with the parent/guardian or caregiver.  Though staff will always respond with care and concern, they cannot assume responsibility for the safety, behavior and comfort of unattended children.  Staff cannot be expected to monitor or prevent an unattended child from leaving the building or grounds.

Children aged 12 and younger must be attended and adequately supervised by a parent, guardian or responsible adult caregiver at all times.  Library staff observing unattended children will make reasonable efforts to locate the adult responsible for the child’s presence in the library.  If no responsible adult can be reached, staff will notify the police. 

Children aged 13 or older may use the library unattended provided they are able to maintain proper library behavior in accordance with the library’s Public Behavior Rules and Regulations

If a child of any age remains at the library at closing time, library staff will make every reasonable effort to contact the parent/guardian/caregiver.  If a child is not picked up within 15 minutes of library closing, staff will notify the police.  Library employees are not permitted to drive a child to another destination, nor to leave a child alone outside the library’s front door.

If, in the judgment of the staff, an unsupervised child’s conduct, age or maturity level or the conduct or age of those with or responsible for the child, exposes the child or others to risk, disrupts the operation of the library, violates any of the Public Behavior Rules and Regulations or requires continual staff intervention, then the staff will require that such child leave the library, unless, in the judgment of the staff, the child cannot safely leave the premises without adult supervision due to age, capacity, time of day, or other circumstance. In such event, the staff will attempt to contact the parent/guardian or caregiver and request the child’s removal from the library. If a parent/guardian or caregiver is unavailable then proper authorities will be notified.