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LPL Wins 2016 Building Award

Longwood Public Library has been selected by the New York Library Association's Public Libraries Section (PLS) to receive a 2016 Building Award.  The focus of the award is the impact that a renovation project has had on the library’s ability to provide services to its community.   Emphasis is placed on projects that demonstrate cost effective solutions to space challenges as well as innovative usage of space and floor plans.  

“The PLS Board is impressed with Longwood Public Library’s commitment to ensuring that their new facility met the needs of their residents. They did an amazing job communicating with their district, despite the lack of a local press,” said PLS Vice President, Becky Maguire.  

Longwood Public Library engaged the community in the planning process through a series of charrettes in the summer of 2010.  Goals of the project included adequate space, natural daylighting, outdoor space, and energy efficiency.  The library re-opened the facility on Friday, October 9, 2015, after a two-year expansion and renovation project.  “We are thrilled to receive this recognition for our community-focused library transformation,” said Library Director Suzanne Johnson.

The New York Library Association's Public Libraries Section represents the interests and concerns of the public libraries of New York State.   PLS endeavors to provide continuing education and leadership opportunities that promote and enhance library services. In addition, PLS acts as an advocate for public and political awareness striving towards adequate funding and support.

Click here to view photos of the renovated building.