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That Library Show!


That Library Show! started production in 2010.  Episodes are produced each month by the Young Adult Services Department in conjunction with the LPL's Master Filmmaker and Editor, Librarian Carlton Welch.   Original cast members  Phil, Nick, Jenna, Katie and Michelle highlight events & programs while they deal with anything and everything to do with teens and the library. 

Episode 1 (October 2010): The cast learns about all of the resources available through Live-brary, and helps to promote the "Dinner at the White House" program by reenacting a dinner with Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln (well, sort of).

Episode 2 (November 2010): What do all of the different departments in the library do?  Our cast members interview retiring Head of Circulation, Mrs. Gladys Coleman, and get a glimpse of the many jobs done by the Circulation Department.

Episode 3 (December 2010):  Interviews with retiring Library Director, David Clemens and retiring Head of Children's Services, Dianne Roberts. 

Episode 4 (January 2011):  The cast celebrates our upcoming program about the Long Island Spy Ring by reenacting Washington crossing the Delaware (well, sort of). 

Episode 5 (March 2011):  Phil learns about the importance of voting when it is time for the library's annual budget vote.

Episode 6 (May 2011): Interviews with Library Director Suzanne Johnson about the library's community charrettes.

Episode 7 (May 2011):   Michelle learns what "charrette" means as the library gets ready for our first ever community-wide meeting about our possible expansion!

Episode 8 (June 2011):  Phil has prizes, and Nick wants to know where he got them.  The answer turns out to be as easy as joining the LPL's Summer Reading Club for Young Adults!

Episode 9 (September 2011):  Phil needs help with his homework, and learns how easy it is to find by using the Library's Online Homework Help Service!

Episode 10 (October 2011):  A long time ago, in a library far, far away..... our Jedi hosts (that's Phil as Darth Maul) celebrate their favorite books.

Episode 11 (November 2011):  Why is Phil afraid of turkey?  Our hosts help him find the answer and discover all of the things to be thankful for at the library.

Episode 12 (December 2011):  Nick is very Scrooge-like in this story of "A Library Carol".

Episode 13 (January 2012):  Our cast celebrates all three of our Battle of the Books programs:  Winter BotB (grades 5-8), Summer BotB (entering 6th-entering 9th) and ADB: Advanced Division BotB (grades 9-12).

Episode 14 (February 2012):  Everyone Needs Friends!  We meet Mrs. Lee Ilg and Mrs. Bonnie Cornett, members of The Friends of the Library, and talk with them about all of the wonderful things that The Friends do here at the LPL.

Episode 15 (April 2012):  Looking for something new to read?  Check out our book trailers for two newly published young adult books:  Cinder by Marissa Meyer and Matched by Allyson Condie.

Episode 16 (May 2012):  Summer is Here!  The cast explores the many things to do at the Library all summer long,  and Jenna and Nick spend some time in our vegetable garden (where Nick finds blueberries!).

Episode 17 (September 2012): Phil notices that there has been a lot of talk about Bond.....the Library Bond.  Michelle, Katie and Nick help him learn all about the Library's proposed renovation and expansion bond vote. 

Episode 18 (February 2013):  Did you know that the library offers FREE Museum Passes to museums all over Long Island and New York City?  The cast visits the Cold Spring Harbor Fish Hatchery and Museum and learns about the Museum Pass Program.

All episodes of That Library Show! are also available on the LPL's YouTube channel.

Don't forget to make today a "Library Day"!