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Computer Classes

Our Computer Lab offers basic free instruction on computer topics.  All classes take place in our computer lab.  The following courses are offered on a monthly basis.  Classes on special topics are also offered regularly.  If you need one on one instruction on a specific device or topic, consider our Book A Librarian service.
Computers 101
This very user friendly hands on class is designed for complete beginners.  Topics include: parts of  the computer, how to turn on and shut down, using the mouse, opening programs, closing programs, saving files, and more.
Computers 202
Pick up where you left off in Computers 101.  Learn the basics of Wordpad, the difference between save and save as, and how to create and organize folders in this hands on workshop.
All About Email
Learn more about how to use your email account in this hands on workshop.  An established email account is required for class.
Attachments in Email  
Learn how to upload and attach documents, photos, and other files to your outgoing email messages. 
Introduction to Word 2010
Learn all the basics of the popular word processing program including how to create a document, save, and print in a hands on environment.
Introduction to Excel 2010
Learn all the basics of the popular spreadsheet program including how to create and format a spreadsheet, how to make a budget, and more in a hands on environment. 
All computer classes are for Longwood Library cardholders only.  Please refer to the most current newsletter or call 924-6400 ext 250 for class offerings including date and time.