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Public Behavior Rules and Regulations

Patrons shall engage in reading, studying, using library materials, attending meetings and programs, accessing computers or similar activities associated with the use of a public library. 
These rules are posted and adopted for the comfort and protection of all who use the facilities of this library. 
1. Patrons whose behavior interferes with the right of the public to enjoy traditional library services will be required to leave the premises, including the library parking lot. 
2. Patrons shall not disrupt/disturb any other’s use of the library, nor disrupt library functions or programs.  This includes loud, abusive or threatening language or gestures, as well as distributing literature or preaching. 
3. Patrons may not loiter or sleep on library premises, including the library parking lot. 
4. Smoking is prohibited in any portion of the building and on the library premises. 
5. Patrons are prohibited from using, transporting or selling illicit drugs, or possessing controlled substances (without a prescription), alcoholic beverages, fireworks, firearms or weapons while on Library premises.  
6. Patrons are prohibited from rearranging library furniture or utilizing one chair by more than one person.
7. Patrons are prohibited from defacing, damaging, destroying library material, equipment or property, or property belonging to any staff members.  Any person who causes physical injury to the person or property of another shall be held responsible for such acts. 
8. Consumption of food and drink is permitted in the library on a limited basis and should be consumed in a considerate and responsible manner.  Portion size should be limited; overly scented or greasy foods should be avoided.  Drinks must be covered and beverages must be non-alcoholic.  Care must be taken to prevent crumbs and spillage.  No food or drink is permitted in certain designated areas including the Computer Lab, the Community Room and the Bayles Local History Room.  No food is permitted in the vicinity of library public-access computers.
9. Patrons must be appropriately dressed.  Patrons are required to wear footwear, as well as upper and lower body covering.  
10. Pets are prohibited with the exception of trained service animals. Service animals are defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act as working animals (not pets) that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks/duties for people with disabilities. Service animals must be under handlers’ control at all times. Animals must not demonstrate disruptive, agitated or aggressive behavior, including but not limited to barking, whining, biting, growling, jumping, scratching, leash pulling, sniffing, or any harassment of library staff or patrons.  If a service animal is not compliant with library policy, library staff will request that behavior be controlled by the handler or that the animal be removed from the library premises.
11. Parents/guardians are prohibited from leaving children 12 years old or younger unattended on library premises, in accordance with the Safe Child policy. Adults without children are not permitted in the Children’s Room, and the True North Teen Department is intended for teens only, in accordance with the Designated Spaces policy.  
12. Skateboards, roller blades, roller skates, hoverboards, wheeled sneakers or sports equipment, etc. are prohibited from library premises.  Bicycles must be locked at the bike rack, and may not be brought into the building. 
13. Cell phones, personal communication devices, walkie-talkies, headsets, etc. are to be used quietly. 
14. Use of audio equipment without headphones or at a volume level that is audible to others is prohibited. 
15. Solicitation and canvassing of the public or the staff are not permitted on library property.  Soliciting is defined as the sale or distribution of merchandise, sales materials, tickets, insurance, coupons, magazine subscriptions, political campaign material, or anything not connected with the work of the library.  Canvassing is defined as petitioning or distributing written materials or soliciting for political, charitable or religious purposes.  Surveying of groups or individuals may only be done by library staff, in conjunction with output measures or other similar surveys designed to quantify library use or satisfaction with library services.
16. Patrons must present identification when requested by a library staff member. 
17. Behavior that may be considered harassment or sexual harassment is prohibited, consistent with other harassment prevention policies. 
18. Use of cameras, recording devices, camcorders, etc. in the building, on the Library premises is prohibited without prior administrative/Board approval. 
19. Unattended bags represent a safety and security risk and may not be left on library property. 
20. Patrons who refuse to comply with the directives of the Library Director, or other authorized personnel, shall be required to leave the premises. 
Policy 600-20 
Adopted 7/89 
Revised 7/99, 7/01, 10/03, 2/07, 3/07, 12/08, 5/09, 2/11, 3/13, 1/17, 10/17