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Material Selection Policy



It is the responsibility of the Library Board of Trustees to set policy for the selection of library materials. The Library Director is responsible to the Library Board for policy implementation and for selection and development of the collection. This responsibility may be delegated in part by the Director to qualified professional librarians on the staff. Confidence is placed in their knowledge of accepted criteria supplemented by the use of the many recognized selection aids available.



The library strives to give personal service to its patrons. Inasmuch as there is great diversity in readers and their tastes, the Library attempts to collect not only materials which are educational and informative but also those which are for recreational purposes. At all times the library seeks to obtain materials of high quality within a fixed budget. Price may be a deciding factor in the acquisition process.

Accordingly, there must be the most practicable provision of the material presenting all points of view concerning vital problems and issues of the times. The public library acts as the community’s objective information center, and must guarantee access to all points of view.

 It is the responsibility of the library to furnish supplementary materials for both formal and informal education and for self development of the individual. In view of the fact that it is not the public library’s responsibility to provide textbooks required for school or college courses, textbooks will not be purchased for the general collection, unless they are the best or only materials available in the particular subject area.

Patrons’ requests for purchase of library materials shall be considered in accordance with the selection policy.

The Library accepts gifts without commitment as to final disposition. In determining whether a gift item is too be added to the collection, the same standards are applied with respect to it as are used in the selection of an item for purchase.

The collection shall systematically and continuously be weeded. However, care shall be taken to maintain a proper selection of the great works of literature and other library and historical titles of permanent value.