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Bulletin Board Policy

The library may permit leaflets, newsletters or flyers to be posted on the Community Bulletin Board and displayed in the literature rack for distribution to the public.

The library will post and/or display:

Official Government Announcements and Communications.

Listings of cultural and educational events to be held in the Central Brookhaven area.

Announcements of public meetings and other events sponsored by non-proft community organizations.

 Literature may not include the following:

Commercial announcements

An advocacy message

Endorsement of any political candidate or party

Personal notices

For Sale notices

Anything defamatory or slanderous in nature

All materials to be posted must first be approved by the Director.

The library assumes no repsonsibility for the preservation, protection or possible damage to or theft of any notices displayed.

Requests for display of materials are subject to the availability of space.  The library also reserves the right to restrict the size of poster and announcements and the time span in which materials will be kept on exhibit.