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NoveList Plus

Valid library card required for access

What to read next? Advice on fiction and nonfiction titles. Including book recommendations and author read-a-likes.


Something About the Author

Valid library card required for access

Examine the lives and works of authors and illustrators for children and young adults


Literary Reference Center

Valid library card required for access

Information on thousands of authors and their works across literary disciplines and time frames. Specifically designed for public libraries, secondary schools, junior/community colleges, and undergraduate research
Valid library card required for access

400,000 reviews, MARC records and related information about

children’s literature



Other Sites

Look for author pseudonyms, nicknames, working names, etc

Award Annals

Lists works honored by literary awards

Bookpage Recommendations for reader’s of all types focusing on the best new books published each month

Keep track of what you read.  Rank and review books and see what your friends are reading.

IMDB Everything about movies and movie stars
Internet Speculative Fiction Database Find award listings, booklists, and forthcoming publications
New Pages Guide to Book Reviews

Links to book review publications, national newspaper review pages, and other websites.


Provides timely information about all genres of fiction and “readable” non-fiction

Reading Group Guides

Resources for book groups including summaries and questions for discussion.

Romance Reader

Latest news in different subgenres of romance.

Spark Notes Free service that offers criticism and analysis of many classic literature titles
Stop You're Killing Me

A site for mystery lovers.  Searchable by character name, location, historical setting, and more.

What's Next?

Search adult or children’s fiction in series 

Worldcat Genres

Users can browse fiction genres for hundreds to titles, authors, characters, locations, and more ranked by popularity in the world’s libraries.

Which Book

Allow users to browse fiction based on appeal factors.